Zombie Apocalypse Fright Night

Zombie Apocalypse Fright Night

Gather your friends and loved ones and prepare to evacuate. 

This is the night you are challenged to navigate your way out of the Zombie apocalypse we are expecting...

*** Not for the faint hearted ***

We have been advised of an outbreak of a viral infestation that is affecting the population in the area. The virus is highly contagious and fatal if contracted.
A state of martial law is now in effect to facilitate the quarantine and evacuation of those unnaeffected.
What to expect when the apocalypse hits...

  • Pre-evacuation briefing in Ground Zero
  • Launch your escape boat onto our lake to reach the off-shore medical quarantine zone
  • Board our rapid evac power boats deep into infested territory 
  • Navigate your way through the darkness of zombie infested woodland 
  • Find your way to safety in the militarised zone
  • Celebrate by treating yourself to a hot dog and hot beverage

Safe passage out of the quarantine area £20



Q. Is this event for adults or kids? 

A. Most definitely for older children or adults... Prepare to be spooked... have a great laugh and enjoying an evening with you mates... This is an after dark event and there will be elements that are designed to spook you. We recommend a minimum age of 13 years. Under 18's should be accommpanied by an adult.

Q. What's included in the ticket price? 
A. Pre-evacuation briefing. Water evacuation on canoes across an infested lake. Power boat rapid evac ride into infested territory. Navigate through infested woodland back to the safe zone. Reach safety in the militarised zone. 

Q. Do we need to be there for the whole time? 
A. Turn up a minimum of 20 minutes prior to your briefing time. You will need to register on arrival and find your way to the Evacuation Control Centre ready for your allocated time. Late arrivals may be left behind. You are welcome to be on site from the start to the end of the event to enjoy the atmosphere, other activities and food.

Q. What time is reception open to book tickets?
A. Online booking via our website or Facebook is available 24/7, but if you wish to speak with us, reception is open 9:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. If you don't get through on first attempt, keep trying as the lines get busy at certain times.

Q. Do we need to book tickets in advance?
A. The last time we ran this event, it was sold out and no tickets were available on the door. We may have tickets available on the day, but as we need to book your specific briefing time, we recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred time slot and to avoid dissappointment. 

Q. What should we wear?
A. Wear something warm and water proof if you have it and boots or trainers that you dont mind getting wet or muddy. Be prepared for cold or rain. And we will have undercover areas and fires to keep you warm and dry.

Q. Will it be dark enough if I book one of the earlier time slots?
Sunset is expected at 16:35 on 1st November so it should be a nicely dark when you get started. By the time you make it into the infested woodland area, it will be pitch black.

Q. Should we bring a torch?
A. Torches and mobile phones will not be permitted during the evacuation